"Airpost let's me manage and report on all the SaaS apps my employees are using so I can focus on increasing productivity and add value to the business"

Control the Cloud

Drive productivity in your company with the secure adoption of SaaS.

Automatically Discover SaaS Applications

Airpost will automatically discover the active applications being used throughout your corporate network so you know what services employees are using and where data is going.

Secure Data Using Real-Time Policies

Proactively enforce safeguards in real-time around data leakage by building customized policies on individual SaaS applications, users and business units.

Smart Data. Use presentation-ready reports to educate business leaders.

  • Analyze SaaS adoption trends in your network
  • Drill into individual user behaviour on SaaS apps
  • Get visibility into where sensitive data is going
  • Generate clean audit trails for remediation
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Align IT and Business Strategies

Deliver innovative solutions to employees to increase their efficiency and productivity at work. Understand what apps they love using, and securely enable them throughout your organization in a controlled environment.

Educate Employees

Educate employees using real-time alerts on information security policies to prevent negligence and help them make the right decisions when using external applications.

Strategic SaaS

Use intelligent data to build a SaaS strategy for your organization.

Think Profit

Increase profits by providing employees with leading-edge technology.

Teach Users

Eliminate negligence by teaching users about infosec policies.

Manage Users

Give users freedom to choose apps, while managing activity.